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Sharing stories from the world of bacteria

Anna Dumitriu (1969) is a British artist whose work fuses craft, technology and bioscience to explore our relationship to the microbial world, biomedicine and technology. She is artist-partner on the FEAT project. Dumitriu has a strong international exhibition profile, having exhibited at The Picasso Museum in Barcelona, The Science Gallery in Dublin, The Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) Taipei, and The V & A Museum in London. Her work is held in several major public collections, including the Science Museum London and Eden Project (Cornwall, UK). She is the founder and director of “The Institute of Unnecessary Research”, a group of artists and scientists whose work crosses disciplinary boundaries and critiques contemporary research practice and won the 2012 Society for Applied Microbiology Communication Award. She holds the post of Artist in Residence on the Modernising Medical Microbiology Project (The University of Oxford in collaboration with Public Health England), a Visiting Research Fellowship: Artist in Residence position with the Department of Computer Science at The University of Hertfordshire, and a Visiting Research Fellowship: Lead Artist position with the Welcome Trust Brighton and Sussex Centre for Global Health Research. She is also Lead Artist on the Creative Europe supported project “Trust Me, I’m an Artist” which investigates the novel ethical problems that arise when artists create artwork in laboratory settings. Her book of the same name, co-authored with Professor Bobbie Farsides, was published in 2014.

“I work by developing in-depth collaborations through embedded residencies shadowing researchers and working hands on in the lab to understand the research, methods and processes. I use the raw materials of research to create my artworks, performances and participatory workshops. I am looking forward to building on my recent projects focusing on whole-genome sequencing and synthetic biology through my FEAT Residency.” 

Anna will be collaborating with MRG Grammar who are developing new strategies for deciphering gene regulations.

Sharon Alon, Impasara Limited (MRG Grammar):

Podcast: Anna Dumitriu

Anna Dumitriu talks about her creation with bacteria and contemporary biomedicine and bioresearch, explaining how she combines high end bioresearch with craft techniques in her work. She presents and discusses her approach to art and to art and science collaborations and details her specific project in relation to the FEAT residency.