Podcasts  / Annick Bureaud

Listen to and download podcasts with artists and scientists of the FEAT collaborations who reflect on their work.

Meet the Atom / 30 January 2017 / Giuseppe Saija

A tale of scientists, religious leaders and artists trapped by the smallest particles of matter

The shape of the invisible / 30 January 2017 / Giuseppe Saija

Evelina Domnitch and Dmitry Gelfand’s artworks shed (acoustic) light on quantum phenomena

Intelligence in the abyss  14 December 2016 / Rebecca Parsons

Would you dive into a body of water populated by about 150 robots? That’s what could happen if you were to fall off a “gondola” in the Venice lagoon, where scientists from an initiative of seven European research institutes, are giving birth to the world’s largest population of autonomous robots.

The art of non-deterministic behaviour  14 December 2016 / Rebecca Parsons

From the dreams of a mouse to reals snail email, "boredomresearch" extract the poetic dynamics of natural complex systems. 

Robots in distress in the Venetian lagoon  / 13 October 2016 / Rebecca Parsons

boredomresearch are designing an unconventional fleet of autonomous devices that can help fight pollution in the lagoon environment of Venice