We bring together artists and research projects!

What if we injected ART in your research project?

The FEAT consortium will continue bringing artists and researchers together even after the project's initial run. We have an extensive database of well-established artists interested in collaborations with scientists and would be happy to find the right match for projects in all kinds of technology fields.

FEAT not only enables you to collaborate with outstanding artists and gain a new type of creative input. It increases the visibility of your project and brings dissemination to a new level.The artist’s creative output will help you to reach out to diverse audiences through emotional and intellectual engagements. By catching the imagination of the public and the media we aim to enhance the take-up of your research results. 

Host an artist within your project, gain novel perspectives, increase impact and boost your project with new creative approaches! 

What we offer:

  • Matching your research project with the ideal artist partner out of a database of nearly 300 qualified artists
  • Administrative support to set up your collaboration (contracts, etc.)
  • Organisation of regular workshops to ensure a productive collaboration
  • Dissemination support through our extensive network

Contact us: info(at)featproject.eu